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La Dolce Vita.

A description that has somewhat become a cliché caption for those travelling the wonders of the world, nevertheless it’s meaning is not lost. La Dolce Vita, the sweet life, and how sweet it is to truly explore this world of ours.
But before we indulge any further, let me introduce myself. My name is James Smith, James if it pleases you. Right now I’m writing this from a quaint local bar off the Amalfi. I’ll start with the basics, I love a good Negroni and I have a simple, but refined dress sense. Quality over quantity I always say. I suppose that is how the James Smith slides came to be.
I wanted to create something, leave my footprint in this world (excuse the pun). James Smith slides are intended as your travel companion. A comfortable summer slide made from soft Italian leather. 
The humble pool slide. Did you know they were called ‘shower shoes’ in the 60’s? Not as refined back then I must say, and certainly not ready for anything beyond locker room banter. They evolved courtesy of the larger sports entities but still, not quite my cup of tea. The simplicity of the shower shoe, yes. The style, not quite. 
My gratitude and a slight nod to the designers of Celine and Gucci for helping to forge a path toward the elegant slide. And the rest is as you would say, history. 
James Smith slides have become quite the global favourite and it has been flattering to spot them adventuring around the worlds most premium holiday destinations. The true travel companion.
We shot our most recent campaign right here on the Amalfi Coast, a place we call home for the most part of the year, starring the fabulous Matilda Djerf. With a background of endless sunchairs and the pure richness of all things Italy. 
The Limoncello Slides are as fresh as my cocktail and the On Duty Capri Pool Slides are for those who frequent our favourite Summer seaside spots “La Fontelina” or “Adolfo”. 
The James Smith Zip Slide is a little more elevated and perfect for those balmy summer nights at Francos Bar. And of course the classic James Smith Off Duty Pool Slides – my widest range, will take you everywhere in between.

Anyway, I don’t want to waffle on and I must be off. My work allocation for the day is up, they don’t call it La Dolce Vita for nothing…

A note from James Smith | James Smith Leather Pool Slides

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