JAMES | SMITH is manufactured in Bali, Indonesia – where our factory operates exclusively for the brand. 

The head artisan “Mr Nur” has worked in footwear for over 40 years and runs a small team of dedicated artisans who operate in fair work conditions. Our leathers are bluesign certified which ensures chemicals, processes, materials and products are managed carefully to ensure they are safe and not harmful. Bluesign certification ensures the highest level of consumer safety and promotes socially friendly products which minimise impacts on people and the environment. 


In 2017 we introduced branded PVC packaging for our product ; this has been widely loved by both retailers and consumers as it provides an opportunity to ‘re-use’ rather than ‘dispose of’. Too frequently we see packaging disregarded and disposed of, we wanted to minimise wastage and create something that could be useful in everyday life, below are some of the ways consumers are re-using our packaging. In addition to this, retailers love these for storage as they take up less of that much needed space and discourage wastefulness.


A very popular and worldwide movement in the fashion industry has been the continuous endeavour to find methods of recycling. In particular, Save our Soles is an initiative working primarily with footwear. This programme has been adopted by multiple brands & corporations, many of which are also collaborating with other brands to offer their recycling services. We have made it a core element of our business to reprocess & find ways in which to reuse our past season styles. Working with Save our Soles has meant we have been able to take responsibility for our business recycling and repurposing to ensure no shoes reach landfill.