A weekend in Rome.

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so here’s a little sentimental story for you ... seeing as we’re getting a little more personal these days.


i am australian, well half british, but very australian. my love affair for italy started many years ago... i grew up surrounded by beautiful authentic italian families... i went to a school that was largely multicultural being in the heart of perth city. i loved the traditions, their warmth and sincerity and especially their appreciation for “la bella vita”

on another note, my grandfather was a prisoner of second world war and was rescued by an italian family after escaping from the camp - they took him in for several months and he became fluent in italian.

years later when sharing these stories with my mother he explained a deep connection to this family and the culture. one that he wished would be passed down the line somehow.

 i studied italian at school from the age of 6, it was important to my mother who was very close to my pop... i suppose i didn’t realise until now these little parts along the way would shape my future.

it was like i had a love affair with italy in my head long before i ever experienced it in reality.

fast forward to now, i’ve been living in italy on and off for the last 5 years, but permanently for the last 2.

every moment of every day i’m inspired by the richness of culture and tradition.. it moves me in a way that’s difficult to explain. the small moments here are somewhat bigger.

 so there you have it, if you’ve ever wondered why there’s such an italian flair to our australian brand.

 mixed emotions this weekend experiencing what felt like an artist’s blank canvas in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, i felt totally moved as always by the small things, but deeply sad for the larger picture.

patriotic? yes.

ti amo italia


ti voglio bene


Breeana xx 

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