Friday chats w/ Christina Macpherson

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We chat to writer Christina Macpherson.

What are 3 things 2020 has taught you?

Patience, gratitude, adaptability What’s one ingredient you put in everything? Salt! (Even in my hot choccies!)

A book that everyone should read?

Ohhh there’s sooo many goodies that it’s impossible to choose! But the most recent I’ve read that I think could be incredibly useful to people (especially given the current climate)is Talking To My Country by Stan Grant

What has helped you stayed positive during such an uncertain time?

I think with all the awfulness we have experienced this year, I’ve taken solace in that we are both individually powerless yet altogether powerful. If we come together (in an emotional sense - not physically ha ha) to defeat the sicknesses and the evilness, we are almost guaranteed a future that is beautiful, healthy and healing. That makes me positive - seeing that togetherness. That, plus a fun husband and some pretty incredible people who I’m lucky to be surrounded by.

A skill you’re working on mastering?

I’m getting back into playing the drums (I used to play a lot), and I want to learn how to basket weave!

If you could have dinner with one person (literally anyone), who would it be & why?

Ahhh, too hard! It’d be between Leonardo Da Vinci, Homer ( the Ancient Greek author, not the cartoon), Billy Connelly, Ricky Gervais, Cleopatra. I realise I’ve just made a whole dinner party reservation, but how fun!


Thank you Christina! xx

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