Friday chats - w/ Marilyn

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we speak with marilyn - track and field athlete!


where do you live and what do you do?

i live in london and i’m a track and field athlete.


if you could have dinner with one person (literally anyone), who would it be and why?

that is a hard one! one of the people I would sit down with is daniel lee (creative director for bottega veneta) and pick his brains on his thought process in reviving and refreshing bottega veneta.


what travel destination are you currently dreaming about?

ITALY! i went there a few years ago and i absolutely loved it. the food, the picturesque drives. there is so much to explore and learn about Italy. unfortunately they too were hit hard by the pandemic but i hope once the borders open we can once again enjoy the country and all its beauty!


your 3 rules to live by?

be grateful, work hard and work smart.


your ideal weekend in your home town?

i’m lucky enough to live in one of the greatest cities in the world so there’s always something to do here. but nothing beats chilling with your friends and/or family with good food, drinks and weather. 


thanks marilyn!! xx

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