how to take care of your James Smith slides

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When the sun is out in Australia so are we. This means extra beach time, Sunday sessions and pool parties. While clothing is easier to throw in the wash, our footwear attire can be a little trickier to look after.

Our James Smith slides are real leather so taking care of them as you would your favourite handbag is important to ensure they are your go-tos all summer long.

Here are 4 simple steps to follow when caring for your James Smith slides.

  1. If you’re slides are starting to smell a little, grab a zip lock bag and baking soda. Put your leather slides in the bag and sprinkle a little baking soda over them. Leave overnight and wipe the excess baking soda off in the morning. The baking soda will help to absorb the odour, leaving your slides smelling fresh.  

  2. Before applying any form of liquid to your sandals, you need to know whether a spot on your leather is a stain or just spot that can be rubbed off. If there is any solid material or dirt on the leather, grab a soft cloth and gently rub the marks off.
  1. Leather conditioner, softens and protects leather. Using a clean cloth, apply the conditioner evenly across the leather upper of the slide. Then use a slightly damp cloth, in a circular motion to remove the conditioner. Your slides will thank you for this.
  1. Unfortunately Australia does see some summer storms. Although it is still hot enough to head out, the rainfall and street puddles may damage your James Smith slides. Make sure to keep your slides dry all summer long.

If you’re thinking of buying a pair of our James Smith leather slides this summer, here are a few of our summer favourites.

Shop The James Smith OFF DUTY Ballet Leather Slide

The James Smith OFF DUTY Slide in Ballet will be your go-to slides this summer. The subtle pink tone of the leather makes any skin tone glow. Wear these slides with a cute floral mini dress.

Shop The James Smith “ON DUTY” Total White Slides

The ON DUTY slides are one of our comfiest slides yet. The fresh all over white is perfect for summer and the extra cushioning on the sole of the On Duty collection offers the ultimate in comfort.

Shop The James Smith “OFF DUTY” Dolce Slides.

The Dolce Slides are this Summers essential colour. No accessories are needed with this slide as the vibrant red tone sets the statement. For those of you craving this seasons hottest colour … DOLCE is your slide.

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