interview with James Smith

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Nick name –  JS

Location –  Positano, Italy

Dream location – can I say where I am? I mean…. Come on, its paradise.

Life Mantra –  LA DOLCE VITA

Describe your style in 3 words –  SIMPLE, SLEEK, REFINED.

I can’t live without – Limoncello Spritzes and my laptop / I phone (did I just say that)

Trend right now you are obsessed with – Anything Resort. Essentially style that reflects our lifestyle.

Word Association

Summer – Italian Seaside

Cocktail – LIMONCELLO Spritz

IT Girl –  Forever will be Kate Moss

Trend – Resort, its here to stay

Pool – Slides

Heaven – Sicily

Would you rather

Brunch or Dinner - brunch

Snapchat or Instagram - instagram

Wedge or platform – wedge

Tan or Black – Tan

Tropical or Snow – that’s a given – Tropical.

Gigi or Bella – that a tough one, Bella for her style.

Vintage Versace or Chanel  - Chanel

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