trends that are out in 2018 (for now)

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It’s time to start saying goodbye to some trends that are on the way out mid 2018. Most of these trends scraped by from late 2017, and they are quickly being replaced with some new fashion crazes.

Check out the latest trends out the door in 2018 and what they are being superseded by below.

Pink is out in 2018. Neon is in.

Pink was definitely a thing late 2017 and some would say early 2018. It was officially termed “millennial pink.” But pink is on the out and believe it or not, neon is back. It’s time to embrace full on colour in 2018. Most stylists are screaming at girls to go all out in head to toe colour, but if you aren’t quite ready for that try a bright shoe with a neutral outfit.

Check out our Le Pointe Mule in Red here.

Trends that are out in 2018 (for now) | Neon is in | James Smith Slides

Say goodbye to bomber jackets and hello to blazers and anything tailored.

It’s time to step up the dressing game ever so slightly with the tailored blazer pushing casual jackets out the door. A blazer is such a versatile wardrobe piece especially in this season’s trending ‘check’ print. Dress it up with tailored trousers, or dress it down with jeans and a casual tee.

This Winter we love the café Society enclosed mules with tailored pants, a casual tee (front tuck of course) and tailored blazer. Shop them here.

Trends that are out in 2018 (for now) | Tailored is in | James Smith Slides

Sock Boots are out, structured boots are in.

Sock boots were huge thanks to Yeezy’s Collection last year if not 2 years ago. It’s time for a little more structure in 2018 when it comes to boots. Anything with a chunky heel, square toe and sits around ankle height will work in 2018.

This Winter we love the Brooklyn Boot with jeans, a casual tee and leather jacket. Coming soon. 

Shop the new James Smith slides, mules, enclosed mules and boots online here.

 Trends that are out in 2018 (for now) | Ankle Boots | James Smith Slides

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