5 steps to defining your personal style

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It’s that time of year where you must edit your summer wardrobe to reflect the Autumn weather. Autumn is a time for transeasonal dressing, it’s not yet cold enough to vanquish the summer wardrobe but not warm enough to keep the crop tops as front runners.

With so many trends up in the air at the moment it can be easy to lose your sense of style amongst the hot mess.

Here are our 4 steps to defining your personal style this Autumn 2018.
1. Pin it.

Get on Pinterest and if you don’t yet have an account create one. Start pinning all the outfits that you like in to a folder. Try searching celebrities you like and use search terms such as “street style” and “fashion trends.” Pinterest’s sneaky algorithms will start to pre-empt what you like and put forward suggested photos in your feed. This is a great start to defining your personal style in Autumn 2018.

2. Take note of familiar faces.

If you find you’re loving Bella Hadid’s chameleon ways or you prefer Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s off duty model style take note. Did you know that most celebrities have cult followings (gosh really?!?) and these guys blog about what these celebs are wearing. Every. Single. Day?! Choose 5 style icons and bookmark their fan tumblr accounts for fashion inspo.

 3. Brands.

What brands are these guys wearing on repeat. Check out their collections, more than likely if you love a few pieces by one brand you’ll like more of what they have on offer. Most online stores like Planet Blue let you favourite brands when you create an account. It’s a convenient way to filter what you love a create shopping wish lists.

 4. Finally, it’s wish list time.

Now that you have celebrity inspiration, a constant flow of ideas from Pinterest and the brands you love for Autumn 2018 it’s time to wish list. Creating wish lists helps to avoid spontaneous purchases. If you still want the items in a couple of days, go ahead and buy them. It’s also a great way to curate a list that covers all bases so you won’t accidently purchase 5 tees unnecessarily.

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5 Steps to defining your personal Style | James Smith Leather Slides and Boots

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